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Career History

Though she was born in Los Angeles, California, Galy grew up in Atlanta and attended the Florida Institute of Technology, earning an undergraduate degree in Business Marketing in 2017. Early in her career, Nina Galey focused on the marketing business, eventually finding her way into the lucrative new arena of social media. Galy's Tiktok, @Ninadoesthemost, is the primary way she reaches her fans, but she also uses Instagram and YouTube to communicate with the world. Her Instagram account is @Ninas420life, and her YouTube account by the same name has more than 120,000 subscribers and more than 8 million views.

Nina Galy's YouTube channel is an eclectic mix of topics produced with an entertaining blend of humor and solid business advice. For example, a quick review of the topics of Galy's posted videos includes how to buy real estate, how to get the best results from a photo shoot, and how to make sound financial decisions while growing a business. She also covers how to take care of house plants, which dating apps are the best, and various other topics that appeal to a broad audience.

Nina Galy made her mark on the world of social media, but that's not the only area where she's achieved success. She's also a well-known name in the field of adult entertainment. Galy headlined tours of gentlemen's clubs all over the United States as a featured dancer and entertainer. She shares candidly on her YouTube channel how she got into exotic dancing and how other opportunities eventually led her to retire.

In addition to her dance and entertainment career, Galy also has an impressive list of starring roles in music videos with some of the biggest names in the business, including Akon, Cardi B, Twista, and more. She brings her personality and dedication to those roles with the same high standards of excellence she brings to her work as an influencer and teacher.

Current Pursuits

Though she is retired from club appearances, Nina Galy stays in touch with her followers by producing exclusive content for her various social media channels. She also shares the secrets to her success with other women who are making their way into the business world. Galy coaches female entrepreneurs in business concepts such as sales techniques, personal branding, and marketing via social media. Her Tiktok story times appeal to the varied audiences that look to her for advice on fashion, dating, and business.

At Nina's website, ChampagneRoomLA.com, you can find her modeling the latest in lingerie, swimwear, accessories, hosiery, and exotic wear. Galy also offers online classes to help her followers increase the success of their own Onlyfans content and adult entertainment performances. She also provides social media consulting and content shoots. Here's a sample of the valuable content you'll find at ChampagneRoomLA.com.

Beautiful lingerie, swimwear, and exotic wear

Onlyfans tutorials, including a 30-day group coaching

Book a content photoshoot

Secure the Bag Course: Maximize your hustle with tips from a retired stripper.

101 Social Media Consulting: Growing your followers and monetizing your online presence.

In June of 2022, Nina Galy embarked on a new adventure in the world of real estate with eXp Realty, LLC, serving the Los Angeles metropolitan area. She focuses on residential real estate, including multifamily property sales, relocation services, and investment properties.

Future Plans for Nina Galy

Galy has big plans for her future. She'd like to run for public office and maybe even be the first Onlyfans model to be President of the United States. Galy sees herself getting involved in politics to help people, especially women, reach their goals, just as she does with her various social media channels. In addition, serving in an elected position would give her a new platform to teach, encourage, and share her gifts.

Hobbies and Interests

Nina Galy enjoys gardening and archery in her spare time. As she has shared via her social media presence, she could easily spend days engaged in either of those pursuits. Gardening allows Galy to reconnect with nature and nurture new life. It's also a welcome escape from her online life. Her other cherished hobby, archery, is all about accuracy, which Galy strives for in every part of her life. Participating in the sport also encourages discipline and excellence in her business life.


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